Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a “momfectionist”. I think as moms we all struggle with perfectionism and mom guilt at some level and at some point in time. Social media has brought to the forefront the “perfect” lives that everyone leads and we are all left trying to keep up with the Jones’. Additionally, being behind the scenes on an influencer account constantly puts you under not only the critical eyes of others but also your own critical eye.

As moms we all struggle to do it all and be perfect doing it and take perfect pictures to document all the perfect moments. When we fall short of these unattainable standards we feel major mom guilt. We sometimes even feel guilty when others compliment us based on our stories and lives. So many of us want to show off the good but also know that expressing everyday isn’t perfection like our social media portrays. I know how much I want to consistently express that my social media is only a SMALL fragment of my everyday life. Whether you are the CEO mom or the stay at home mom; we are all battling doing better, being better and trying to keep up with the “expectations” that are out there that we need to fulfill. 

We want to believe we can do it all but we constantly fill our plates heavier than what we should be carrying. It isn’t that we can’t do it all… it’s that we should not do it all for our own well being. Don’t get me wrong, I think we should always be pushing ourselves to strive to be better people and to challenge ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. However, I think we all can always take the time to take a step back and realize when we need to take a breath or take a moment for self care. Not everything has to be perfect all the time.

Think about it… whether you work or don’t, you're a homeschooling parent or not, have 1 kid or 10 nothing is ever “perfect”. We want to clean, cook, eat healthy, work out, keep ourselves kept up, play with our kids and have nice things. However,  the memories and foundation you build for your family is what is important. Kids don’t remember that the kitchen was magazine ready, they will remember the time that you baked cookies with them or cut their sandwich into the shape of mickey mouse.

Try to remember the memories from your childhood. You probably don't remember the imperfections, you remember the moment full of love and fun. THAT is what us moms need to remember. Let’s cherish those moments with videos and photos but let's remember we don’t have to be “momfectionist” 24/7. 

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HI! I am Lauren at the Gabbing Ginger and I'm a thirty something mom gabbing about life. I enjoy warm weather over cold, I believe leopard is a neutral print and I am an introverted extrovert.  I love gabbing about family, fashion, fitness, and fun!  I am married to a CPA/CFO and we have a toddler named Tripp and a new baby girl Annabelle! My passion is writing and taking photos of everyday life and documenting my experiences to help others!

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