Motherhood Doesn't Happen Overnight!

Motherhood Doesn't Happen Overnight!
February 26, 2019

From the moment a couple discovers they are expecting; their lives change and take a different turn altogether. Pregnancy is not about expecting a child together, it's about where their relationship will land in future. Often people take this decision few months into the marriage, and at times a couple could wait for 5 years. Every story is different, every couple has a different outlook towards having a child, and every single emotion, feeling is equally respectable. Between the household chores, professional responsibilities and a healing body, a new mother faces many challenges to get through the day. I still remember my husband would say he’s forgotten how I used to look when I smiled from within. No matter how much support you get from everyone around, there is a lot you go through emotionally and physically. One of the biggest mistakes that women often do is to not accept the transformation that has taken place. Motherhood and mothers are viewed with such immense respect that we don’t give them the scope to make mistakes. From the moment she lays her eyes on her baby she is expected to have an emotional bond, a selfless kind of love for the baby. Such is not the case always, especially when it is a complicated pregnancy and you have a critical delivery.

The elders in family and even doctors recommend that as the baby is born he/she should be given the first feed, however, little emphasis is given on how a mother gives that feed. She’s part in pain, part under anaesthesia, she has yet not come to senses experiencing this miracle of delivering a new life out of her, and here her responsibilities begin, not to forget the responsibilities towards family never ends. We all get support, both emotional and physical these days, yet it is very important to acknowledge the fact that motherhood is a process which develops in due course of time. While a woman transforms into mother in the 9 months of pregnancy, she aces motherhood only in due course of time. We keep saying every child is unique, but we fail to recognize that every mother is unique. Let’s break the routine, let’s start a conversation about how every mother is unique and every mother is beautiful.

Ritika S Follow

A fun loving mama with the most amazing baby and loving family. I am a Human Resource professional and love to cook, paint and write.

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