My Must Have Baby Shoes

My Must Have Baby Shoes
January 03, 2018

Let’s be honest...every girl loves a killer pair of shoes. Can I get an AMEN?! And as a new mom of a little girl, I wanted to find shoes that were not only stylish, but easy to walk in. Some of the shoes I kept finding were stiff and she could barely pick up her feet because they were so clunky. I’m a big believer that it’s better to wear a shoe that allows your foot to move the way it should {without being confined to move a certain way}...kind of like being barefoot. All that stuff your mom used to tell you about finding a shoe with “good support” is a bunch of crap. Kids need minimalist shoes too! 

For my daughter’s first birthday, she received a pair of donut moccasins that were beyond adorable from a company called Clamfeet. And the fact that they had donuts on them I knew they HAD to be legit because even though I don’t eat gluten, donuts are LIFE! So don’t judge me if you see me stuffing my face with some donuts every once and a while ;) Since I had never heard of Clamfeet before, I immediately had to go to their website! Not to my surprise, they of course had more cute designs...seriously, I could buy one of each!! When I read the owner’s story I was even more hooked...she started her company to offer soft soled moccasins to other moms that are not only durable, but washable and made from 100% organic, vegan materials! Ummm, heller...double win! 

I know I’m not the first mom that’s dropped a hefty penny on some cute shoes just to watch their toddler step in a huge puddle of mud and realize they’ll probably never get to wear them again. When I found Clamfeet, I couldn’t wait to tell other moms! 

Another thing I love about Clamfeet shoes is that your little doesn’t need to wear socks with them...they’re cool and breathable enough for summer months and warm enough for chilly to cold days {it never seems to get unbearably cold here in Texas anymore}. 

Oh! And one more thing I have to mention...they come in adult sizes too! So now mommy and her little can have matching {or similar} pairs and enjoy all the feels. 

Check them out here.


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