My Toddler Stylist Challenge

My Toddler Stylist Challenge

I have been a stay at home mom for over three years. I’m still trying to make every day fun and interesting to him-which gets harder as time goes on.  Staying original and exciting is no easy task.  When my husband and I decided me staying home was the best choice for our family we both agreed that my job was to give our son the best childhood possible.  Filled with adventures and fun!  While at first it felt like there were endless things to do, you’d be surprised how quickly moms max out the kid activities in town.  So I’ve moved into the blogosphere and started taking on mom challenges.  This has kept things so fun and fresh for both mom and kiddo.

There’s been one challenge I’ve wanted to do from the moment I saw it.  Letting your toddler dress you for a week!  At first I was concerned, my closet has a lot of pattern and I thought for sure I’d look like a clown if I let him choose.  Turns out he’s got a better eye for fashion than I thought.  Which isn’t surprising, these challenges usually teach me my child is capable of so much more than I give him credit for.  We set some basic guidelines like no nudity, no shorts in snow, etc; but honestly I didn’t have to enforce anything, he just did a great job.  Here’s a look at my week with a toddler stylist:

Day one I was nervous.  I had to consciously control my reactions to things as he looked through my clothes.  I didn’t want to influence his choices with a negative facial expression or laugh.  At first he wasn’t sure about his new found independence but once I explained it was all him he really took charge. The night before I just had a feeling this sunflower pattern swimsuit cover-up would make an appearance.  I have to say day one I was very impressed. No one gave me weird looks and while I wouldn’t pick it out myself it was a totally acceptable outfit with a fun flare. Made me hopeful for the week to come!

Day two was more what I expected with patterns, although still wasn’t embarrassing.  He chose a vest and shirt with different patterns, then topped it with a third pattern in a scarf.  Still wasn’t uncomfortable which was a happy surprise as I expected to feel pretty weird all week.  I was actually surprised how quickly I forgot what I was even wearing.

This day I just woke up in a leggings mood.  I wanted more than anything just to wear comfy easy clothes but my stylist had something else in mind- "denim explosion".  Which, while pretty on trend, was sooooo restricting and uncomfortable.  He also chose my skinny jeans, and I wasn’t a skinny place so that made things extra uncomfortable.  He was feeling blue this day- pairing the denim with a blue shirt and blue scarf.  This was the only day I couldn’t wear what he picked out of all the days, but this is also the day I was complimented in public on my outfit choice, twice!

This was by far is best choice-which was good because I had Mothers Of Preschoolers group meeting I did not want to look a mess for.  Apparently he was tired of styling me because I could only get two pieces from him this day, a dress and shoes.  Both were black and honestly I’d totally wear this again!

The last day wasn’t an outwardly terrible outfit but if you were me you’d understand why I was less than thrilled.  He chose a very tight striped skirt-again from my skinny section.  Paired with leggings under to make it extra tight, a shirt chosen from my pj drawer and a very heavy stylish necklace.  From a strangers view this outfit wasn’t bad but from my point of view it was one of the worst.  Uncomfortable, random pieces I’d never wear together.  But if anything this proved almost any of my clothes I own go together in a pinch!

Overall I feel like this challenge went WAY better than expected.  Really none of the outfit choices made me look silly out in public.  They weren’t all my style, but that was kinda the point of this-to do something fun and different with my little. While some days were spent uncomfortable all the days were spent with a proud toddler.  He felt so special having the power and control to totally choose moms outfit.  I’d suggest this challenge for every momma out there.  Let go of that control a little and have some fun with your littles, give them the power of choice for the day and see what happens.  I promise you’ll be surprised by them!

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