DIY Craft: Repurposing Old Formula Cans!

DIY Craft: Repurposing Old Formula Cans!

If you're a formula feeding mom in any way, then you know that after a while the old cans can start to stack up. I can't recycle them where I live, and I was loathed to throw out that many containers when I was absolutely certain I could find a use for them. 

Before I could think of one, while they were just hanging out in a cupboard, it drove my husband crazy. Every time he opened a certain cupboard in our kitchen, he would have to avoid the avalanche of formula cans. I tried to tell him to just avoid that one cupboard, but apparently, that wasn't a good enough solution for him, which I suppose is fair. While not everyone is comfortable with avoiding formula can avalanches in their own homes, I just weirdly accepted it immediately!

He told me, "Either we find a use for them, or we get rid of them." So, with that fire lit under my butt, I hit up Pinterest in hopes of finding something useful to do with them. All I came across were different variations of how to make them into some sort of decoration. This craft, of course, has its own use, but I already have clutter covering all of my shelf space and too many animals to consider adding more to the mix.

I ended up having an "Aha!" moment when I looked at my little seedlings, which weren't so little anymore. I had started them a bit too early to ensure I would have more than ample time to prepare them for planting outside, but I hadn't yet transferred them to a bigger pot to continue growing.

So, why not use the formula cans? And not only that: but after I transformed my formula cans into pots for my plants, why not then continue to transform them?

So, I created the pots. while I will be transferring some of them to my garden when it's warm enough I also plan to turn them into beautiful hanging plants for indoors and outdoors. That post will come later, once that mission is complete. In the meantime, we will go over the extremely easy process of repurposing your formula cans into pots for your plants. 

Step 1

Gather all your old cans. Rinse them out and tear off all the labeling. If you want to go extra clean, run them under very warm water and scrub off the sticky siding that held the labeling in place.

Step 2 (optional): 

Paint them, decorate them, or do anything you'd like to make them look however you want. I left mine as silver tin for now, as it will play into my vision for the indoor hanging planters that I want to make out of them. 

Step 3:

Grab a hammer and a nail. You'll need a pretty sturdy nail, so don't just grab the smallest one you have laying around. Make sure it won't bend going through the metal because it can be pretty tough to get through. At least, it was for me! Hammer five or six holes into the bottom of your formula cans for water drainage. 

Step 4:

Fill with soil and add in your plants or seeds! 

Seriously, it's that easy. Now, you can position them around the house or anywhere outside. Create a walkway with your little pots or decorate your house with plants. If you want ideas for how to decorate with them or want to get even further with them, then stay tuned for that post coming up!

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