Reuse, Reduce and Eat your Lunch!

Reuse, Reduce and Eat your Lunch!

I try my best to prepare fresh food when I can, but I always have a cabinet full of packaged snacks & food for when life gets busy and bellies grow hungry. Though convenient, one of the downsides is that kid’s food packaging creates a ton of waste.

So, in an effort to reduce this footprint, I’ve thought of ways to reuse everyday items in my kid’s lunchboxes. Here are three of my favourites!

Yogurt Drink Containers

My kids love yogurt drinks and usually request more than one at a time. They are expensive, take up a lot of room in the refrigerator {especially if you buy bulk} and are usually full of sugar. So I buy one flat and wash and refill used containers with my own yogurt mix of equal parts flavoured yogurt and milk. This creates less waste in the blue box and keeps the little ones happy.

Cereal Box Liners

We go through a lot of cereal in my house. So I’ve replaced my wax paper with the plastic liner bags found inside the cereal box. Just open your cereal bags at the seams and wash and dry them thoroughly; they make the perfect liners for homemade fruit rollups, dividers for freshly baked goods and sandwich wrapping.

Starbucks Splash Sticks

I’m sure Starbucks didn’t think their splash sticks would serve a dual purpose! Low and behold they are the perfect kid-friendly skewer to make kabobs. They are short enough to fit in most lunchboxes, have a rounded tip and even come with a cute monkey!

What can you reuse in your kids lunchboxes?

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Hi there, I’m Jenny. I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Andrew, children Abigail & Brookson, & dog Ellie. I love to cook and bake, and recently started a food blog to share the snacks and meals I make for my family. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m out eating, practicing yoga, in the bathtub, or vacationing with the family!

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