Ryan Reynolds' and pregnant Blake Lively's adorable Insta PDA

Ryan Reynolds' and pregnant Blake Lively's adorable Insta PDA

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are definitely one of my favorite celebrity couples because they somehow perfectly balance keeping things fun and exciting through for instance, constantly teasing and trolling one another on Twitter while also being very supportive and loving. 

About one month ago, Blake Lively showcased a growing baby bump in a stunning yellow gown at the premiere of the movie Detective Pikachu her husband is starring in. Through that beautiful red carpet appearance the couple announced to the world that they are expecting their third child together. 

Ever since then the two actors have continued being absolutely adorable. In his Instagram Story, Ryan Reynolds posted a cute picture of his wife visiting him on the set of his most recent movie, Free Guy, in Boston and included multiple Back to the Future references along the way. 

The couple is posing and being snuggly in front of the clock tower of the town hall building, which is one of the iconic locations from the movie. Adding on to that reference, Reynolds added a Back to the Future GIF and the familiar quote "Great Scott". 

Once again, the couple is giving a perfect example of showing love and support while still being lighthearted and quirky. And because it needs to be said, Blake Lively and her baby bump look absolutely beautiful in that flowy summer dress. 

Personally, I cannot wait to see what the married couple will be posting along the journey of their third pregnancy.

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