Saying No After Covid

Saying No After Covid

Now that Covid seems to be in our rear-view mirrors and everyone is getting back to normal life, people are out doing a lot more than we are used to. It took so long for a lot of people to find a new "normal" once Covid hit, that once it was found, it was what we knew and got comfortable with. Now, with social distancing not being such an issue, people are traveling, dining out, partying, etc. and a lot of moms, like myself, aren't ready to just leap into socializing. Like I said, it took a while for moms to get used to staying at home with kids and finding creative ways to entertain one another and I can't even begin to fathom how hard it was for kids.  

The virtual learning, everything being shut down, leaning on one another for love and support, it was a lot, for everyone and I understand people are beyond excited to get back to hanging out and having things go back to normal, but not all of us are.

If your friends and family want to get together, go out to dinner, have the kids meet up, please remember, it is okay to say "no". We will all come around with our comfort levels, once we are ready and everyone needs to be understanding of that. If we learned anything from this past year, it's that we have to protect our families and make the best decisions for them. The pandemic was terrifying and even though some people brushed it off, it is still our right to be selective on what we do and who we see, even without government rules. I know our kids will want to play with other kids and I 100% believe they need it, but take your time and do not feel bad!

It is okay to set rules for what you do and who you see, no matter what is going on in life.  

Bethany W Follow

Creator of social media platforms for mom's to help one another and to embrace this crazy, wonderful journey together. I think it is extremely important for moms to support each other. I don't take anything too serious and I am a firm believer in being able to laugh at yourself. I LOVE LOVE coffee. Did I mention I love coffee?

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