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The importance of Self Care

The importance of Self Care
February 22, 2018

As moms we all need a little self care in our lives.  Depending on what season of life and motherhood you are in can depend on how much self care you can allot.  However, always having a little time to yourself is so important to your health both mentally and physically.

Every mom is different and there are so many different kinds of self care.  If you are struggling to incorporate self care into your life below I will give a few tips on how to incorporate it a little easier and some ideas on what to do for self care..

In the beginning with a high-needs colicky newborn (and a work from home mom) I found finding time for myself really hard. I couldn't get a schedule down and struggled to stop and take a breath.  I finally asked for help and after a few weeks I got over the guilt of leaving my baby for "me time".

One of the most important things was I  started small.  Some days it was as simple as a hot cup of coffee, a shower, or nice bath and then I moved my way up to leaving the house to work out. Now, I am able to better incorporate showers into my schedule since we are beyond the newborn days.  However, I always try to make excersise a top priority since it helps me so much mentally and physically (I specially love yoga and running).

Like I said, as the schedule and balancing mom life got a little easier for me I found other ways to incorporate self care.  I started reading at night to unwind and bonus was a bubble bath + reading.  I also added in a girls night book club once a month to get some baby free time and relax.

I think the easiest way to start self care is to do it small (think 10-15 minutes) and set a timer.  If you child is on a good schedule get up before them and sit down to a nice cup of coffee or tea and journal, read, watch the news.  Do something that brings you joy.

There are so many ways to help feed your brain and do something you love even if it is for a short period of time.  Many of my friends love art or writing.  Bible Study is also very important to a lot of moms.  It never hurts to try out a few different things to see what makes you happy!

I hope if anything this article is a reminder to take charge of your health and make sure you are filling your cup too! Because you can't pour from an empty cup!

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