Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory Play Ideas
September 27, 2018

If you have a little one then I am sure you have heard the words “sensory play” a few times. Sensory play is important for infants, as it encourages them to explore on their own while also stimulating their senses. 

I’ve put together a list of my favorite sensory play activities for one year olds.

  1. Homemade Kinetic Sand - create homemade Kinetic Sand by adding a cup of corn meal, a cup of flour, 2TBSP of water and 2 TBSP of oil (any kind). I like to add different items to the sand - like play sea creatures for Olivia to dig for. 

  2. Painting with water - simple and mess free (my two favorite things). Give your little one a paint brush, water, and construction paper, and let them go to town. 

  3. Painting in a bag - put paper, and different colors of paint inside a ziplock bag to let your little one finger paint without a mess. 

  4. Finger painting with food - If you’re feeling messy put apple sauce on paper and let your little one finger paint this way. I use food instead of paint because Olivia still loves to eat everything! This activity is great for snack time. 

  5. Pompoms - there are so many sensory activities to do with Pompoms. My favorite is color sorting. I make sure to get different packages so Olivia had all different shades of the same color when we are sorting. She loves the feeling of the pompoms and I love getting in color practice. 

Sensory play can be done with simple house held items - no need to go out and buy things but it is a great way for babies to play and explore what is around them. 

What are your favorite sensory play activities?

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