Socialising outside the Media!

Socialising outside the Media!

I made a challenge for myself a while back. And I encourage you all to do this too.

For months I was getting down and out and ultimately it was stemming from my social media feed. It's not an uncommon thing to hear. I was comparing myself and what I have to everything I saw. It was making me feel inadequate, untalented and all out miserable.

For a mum at home and outnumbered by my kids 4:1, it's not as easy to get out of the house and do spontaneous activities, let alone catch up with actual... people. However, I had all these people on my social media feed.

So I had two choices. Continue the way I was going and feel sad about it all or..... actually get to know the people on my gram. Like actually meet them in the flesh... move the relationship... to the next level. Make the effort.

I had met a few of my insta friends already in real life so it was time to do it again, catch up and connect. Say yes, and just do it.

I was lucky enough to also have a friend who was visiting the area I live in after her Europe trip. So we actually caught up! In the flesh, having coffee and chatting. It was a beautiful morning and I was so so happy we did!

On top of that, another Instagram mate whom I had met sitting in the waiting room at the hospital (we were both on our 4th bub, due around the same time) and I looked over and noticed that "hey... I follow that chick".... well now we catch up and sit together sipping coffees while we are seriously, seriously outnumbered by our offspring, living our best life. We even now....text! I know! We be like proper friends. ?

My goal now is to get out and see more of my friends I have met through social media. To actually socialize outside of the media. Use it for what it was made for . Connections. But in real life.

Truth be, for many of us mamas, social media (especially Instagram ) can be used as a mama meet hub. It's where you will find so many more like minded people that are willing to open up, share and connect with you, because they actually have a tonne of things in common with you. What better opportunity do you have to actually branch out and make that 'virtual' friendship a stable part of your 'real' life.

I used to joke about not having time for new friends because I didn't even get to see the ones I had enough already. But the truth is you always have room for more friends in your life. That's the beauty of it. And what's more.... I'm actually seeing my friends I've had for decades more often now. It's been a win-win!

I strongly urge you to challenge yourself and meet up with someone you know on your media account and get out of your comfort zone. If you know another mama out there that lives near you, ask them out for a coffee and play date. Reclaim your social media and use it for good.

You may end up meeting a life long friend

The Ummum


Jessica O Follow

So about me…..this is the part where I am supposed to tell you about me. Um..Well ok.
I am Jess. The Um Mum.
I have called myself the Um Mum for 2 reasons.
Firstly I say um about a billion times a day and I am acutely aware of it since it was pointed out at a speech I did a few years ago for a performance launch. I am convinced since then I have gotten considerably worse.
The second is I hear…um…mum from my 7 year old and toddler about a trillion times a day that now it’s just really my new adopted name in our house. Every single thing begins with…um…mum.
Anyway, like I said I am Jess and I am 33 years old with 4 Children, Byron 8, Evelyn 3, Elizabeth ( Zuzu) 18 months and baby Darcy. I have a beautiful, extraordinary husband whom I adore!
I have a background in performing arts as well as early childhood education and am currently studying nutrition. I like to keep busy! Our life changed when our eldest son was diagnosed with Autism, and from then our world burst into chaos, colour and took a whole new meaning. We are a tight little tribe and love sharing our journey on this cray ride called parenthood!

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Dani S

We are so fortunate to have social media and to know that such possibilities of meeting new mom friends in person exist! Loved your article :)

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