Stop Being So Hard on Yourself, Mama

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself, Mama
October 11, 2018

Hey, mamas! I know it’s been a while since I’ve popped in! I have been spending some time adjusting to life as a mom of two boys under the age of 2. [Please note that I’m using the word “adjusting” very loosely.]

I’ll be honest, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be! I have found that I began getting very frustrated with myself when things just simply do not work out the way I have planned. 

Between nap schedules, feedings, and planning engaging activities, I can imagine it is very easy for all moms to be super hard on themselves. So, whether you work or stay at home with the kids, I’m here to tell you that you need to be kinder to yourself as a mom. Here’s why:

Kids are unpredictable

So, word on the street is that routines help kids thrive. With routines, they are able to better predict what is going to happen next and they also become better at dealing with transitions. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge supporter of schedules and routines. However, if you have kids, you know that once they get something in their mind they DO. NOT. LET. IT. GO. Call it self-advocacy if you want. Most of the time, it's stubbornness!

You could have planned the coolest color sorting activity or letter scavenger hunt for your child. But, as you know, if they don’t want to participate, they simply won’t. [Cue temper tantrum from kid and eye roll from mom].

Lack of sleep makes things worse

When is the last time you got a really good night’s sleep? I’m not talking a decent sleep, either. Like full on, uninterrupted, restorative sleep. Did you say college? Girl, I feel you.

We all know that, without good sleep, it’s hard [no, impossible] to function. While some days are definitely easier than others, I find that most days there is not enough coffee in the world to help me.

Without proper sleep, we still try to perform our best. Sometimes, our best is staying in our pajamas, snuggling up with our kids, and having an all-day movie and popcorn marathon.

While you may feel guilty about too much screen time (gasp!), your kids will think you’re just as cool as any other day. They need days to recharge, too!

Our brains are overflowing

Do you ever feel like your brain is like a web browser with a million tabs open? That’s because it is. As moms, we are expected to keep track of everything

While we are trying to push our own insecurities and worries out of our heads, we are simultaneously trying to remember soccer practices, who has to do their homework still, why our child is mad at their friend, and that our smoke detector needs batteries.

Once you sit and think about what we actually are able to remember to do, you quickly realize that moms are freaking superheroes. Why do we get so mad at ourselves when we forget one small thing? 

So, mamas. I see you feeling down because your day took a turn for the worse, you burned dinner because you were playing hide and seek with your kid, or you didn’t get around to cleaning your kitchen today. We have all been there. We are all just doing the best we can and tomorrow will be better. Hang in there!

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Oh, hi there! I’m Kelly + here’s me in a nutshell: Wife to my high school sweetheart. Mom to two little stud muffins and a crazy pup. School counselor turned SAHM. Naptime blogger discussing “momming” and all of the crazy things that go along with it.

Being a mom is hard so I thrive on coffee, humor, and always looking for the good in things. I’m excited to share my experiences with my fellow mamas. Together, I’m hoping that we can figure out this thing called motherhood!

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