Stop Mom Shaming

Stop Mom Shaming

As a mom blogger, I get a lot of nice comments and messages and some not so nice. A fellow mother recently said to me,“The fact that you have time to stage pictures, tells me that you have no idea what a tired mother really is. I have 8 kids, you have 4, get over it.”

If I played into other peoples games,I’d ask her why she thinks her tired mom life is real and mine isn’t? I’d also tell her that the definition of a good mother doesn’t matter if you have a messy house or a clean house, if you share your problems or suffer in silence, if you are a stay at home mom who goes borderline crazy or if you go to work and miss your baby all day, if you make your own baby food or buy jar food from the store, if you bottle feed or breast feed, if you are a single mother or a married mother, if you have 10 kids or 1....

Comparison is the thief of joy.

YOU are the best mother simply by choosing to give and love in whatever capacity feels right to you and do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Love your children, do your best and don’t contribute to the judgement and hate that destroys women’s self esteem and confidence. You don’t know my story just as I don’t know yours.

Let’s stand tall, join together in this sisterhood of motherhood and rise above mom shaming. We’re better than that!


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Hi, I'm Jessie, a proud wife and mom of four, certified life and health coach, author, speaker, and former professional 300 mph race car driver. After a major life and career change left me feeling out of touch with myself, depressed and craving more out of life, I revved up my self-happiness through the power of intentional living and made it my mission to motivate, inspire and empower other moms to take conscious control and thrive over survive and more so, to become the best version of themselves so they can be the best mom to their littles.

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Megan K

Oof. Good on you for not going full metal jacket on that lady. It's really too bad that mom shaming is still a thing :(. You handled this perfectly!

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