Summer Essentials for Toddlers and Babies

Summer Essentials for Toddlers and Babies

Summer is right around the corner, which means that there will be a lot of time spent outside, in the pool, at the beach or on vacation.

This will be my first summer with two kiddos. If you don’t know I recently had my second child, Rebekah Grace. We don’t have a stash load of money stacked to go on all kinds of vacation this summer because we are still paying off our debt. But we still want to spend time together and have a budget friendly family vacation. That will require me to be creative in the way I plan our trips, so that they are either very cheap or even completely free.

Now that you know my plans for the summer. I want to share some of my summer essentials for babies and toddlers with you. Because this year I am on top of my things and have already gathered all of my essentials. I am ready for summer and you can be too!

Here are my 10 summer essentials for toddlers and babies!

Pack N’ Play

  • I can’t recommend a pack n’ play enough. We love taking it with us if we are travelling by plane or road tripping, or just going to the park. It can act as a gate, a crib and a safety net for my babies all at the same time. A true multitasking genius!

Swim Shoes

  • I learned this with my first when we took him swimming for the first time. Swim shoes for kids are awesome since they keep their little sensitive feet protected.

Safe Sunscreen

  • Many sunscreens contain a lot of toxins and chemicals and we don't want to put those on our baby's skin. That is why I make sure to buy clean and safe sunscreens that do not contain any toxins. One of my personal favorites is the Beauty Counter sunscreen.

Protective Swimwear

  • I love getting long or mid-arm sleeves for my kids since it gives them more coverage.

Aden and Anais Swaddles

  • I don’t use these to swaddle but instead use them as blankets in the summer, car seat covers, even pack n’ play covers, feeding covers, changing pad, etc, the possibilities are endless! They are light and airy, perfect for summer.

Stretchy Swaddle Blanket

  • For actual swaddling I prefer using a stretchy material. It wraps better and babies feel more comfortable in it. 


  • In the summer sunglasses are a must for our babies to protect them from harsh bright light.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  • I don’t leave the house without one. I strongly recommend the stainless steel, because when it's hot outside the water will remain refreshing and cold.

Stroller Organizer

  • I had this last summer and it was a life saver. All it is, is a pouch that attaches to your stroller for you to hold drink, snack, phone, etc,  but it is so convenient and really makes a big difference.

A Backpack Diaper Bag

  • A backpack diaper bag is especially great when you have a toddler and/or more than one kid. It sits very comfortably on your shoulders and does not end up weighing down only one side of your body. 

And that’s a wrap. Those are my MUST- HAVES for the summer. I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed it. What are your plans for the summer? And what is on your summer essentials list?

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