Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide
January 05, 2018

Hello Summer!  Sun, beach, palms, tiny bikini and laying belly down in the sand. These were ow so my best friends last year. This time around, I am lusting for an air-conditioned room, ice block and any (repeat any) excuse to take my clothes off! It’s beautifully rewarding although, being in your final month of pregnancy in the heat of an Australian summer, can be torture.  

Your feet are swelling and your sweating like a bull right? Tough luck, it’s all part of the journey so next time we need to think twice about getting frisky in Autumn/Fall.

Rather than being pooped about it, I learned some tricks to keeping cool and turning a most uncomfortable sweaty situations, upside down. Today I want to share my summer pregnancy survival guide, including 7 helpful tips to help you enjoy that  summer pregnancy. 

  2. Keep cool  

Being pregnant and staying cool through summer is an operation!  

Firstly, buy yourself a fan! 

Keep Cool… 


Drink Coconut Water.

Truth be told coconut water has incredible health benefits and key electrolytes to mend that thirst.  Baby daddy buys them by the box for me. Have also read some great blog posts from midwives about selecting coconut water as your go to drink while in labour.

Sleep nude, with no covers and leave a small damp towel on your forehead to assist with body temp regulation.  

Do whatever it takes to be in air conditioning. Go Christmas shopping or just hang at that foodcourt and sip on a bottle of water, if that is what it takes. I even stayed working in the office until 2 weeks before labour, so I could escape my apartment and the hefty electricity bill.

Summer outfits
The key is to keep it short, light and minimal. You need to stay comfortable and cool all day, so wear thin breathable fabrics. Also stick with garments that are open on your chest and shoulders.

You can follow the full summer capsule wardrobe guide (1) on my blog and instagram page for daily summer outfit releases. Here are the must have items that will keep you looking amazing and are easy to wear.

Eating raw
One of my key tactics is to try eat raw and clean food. It is easier for the body to digest, lowers heart burn. An ice smoothie works wonders for the body temp. We head to the markets and stock up on fruits and veggies. That way they are fresh for you, baby and the whole family.

Reduce swelling
Lay down and elevate your feet above your heart… all day. Like seriously, that is the only thing that gives immediate results! Realistically it’s not achievable so here are another few ideas:

- Refrain from wearing sandals with straps, as they can cut off circulation. Instead wear supportive footwear if you can
- Don’t stand or sit in one spot for too long. Keep moving. I say go for a swim, do a few laps to increase blood flow circulation
- Moderate your body temperature by keeping cool. Dampen a towel and lay it over your feet, it’s heaven.

Stay pool / beach side  
The water moderates your temperature, reduces swelling and is a back pain relief.  Water feels like zero gravity. The moment you get chest deep into that H2o, the whole weight of the world lifts. Slowly swim a few laps to get your circulation going. The days I had really bad swelling, I emerged into the pool for 30 min and it worked a treat.

Invest in a donut.  
Now this changed my life! I don't know about you, but I constantly feel like a turtle turned on my back (something like this), struggling to move. The months of starfish lying changed when I discovered the half deflated pool donut. Sit your belly into the hole and lay forward my friend. It's bliss!  Repeat this in the pool. It is an amazing relief and great to even out that tan.

Be a gentle warrior  
At all times, I wish I could wear a sign on me stating; “Don't mess with a hormone loaded, full term, overheating mama”. As an alternate, we need to be aware and acknowledge our moments of turmoil. Instead of abandoning our patience, the things you know are good for for you in the name of enjoying the summer season, double-down and dig in deeper. Make promises to yourself; I will practice my morning routine daily, meditation session each day, and spend more time nourishing my body, heart and soul.

Build in extra time to take care of you, even if that means leaving the party early. This Zen saying sums it up, "You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour."

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