Take the lead

Take the lead

To take the lead. 

We have these days where there is a moment. 

A moment that is so special. 

A moment so remarkable. 

That I forget. 

I forget autism is something we even know about. 

For just a moment we will see a beauty that only is present for seconds sometimes minutes that if you blink you will miss it. 

2 boys both complex. 

2 boys with various levels of anxiety that cripple them both in moments of socializing. 

2 boys that I am lucky enough to call mine. 

These 2 boys are both diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 

Jackson, our youngest son, was taking the lead with an activity that he wanted to do with Avery. 

Avery was not overly intrigued at the start then the moment happened. 

The moment of calm. 

The moment that was so special. 

Jackson - " Avery you try to make a magnetic silly face. " 

Avery - " YA ! " 

Jackson - " Oh Avery you're doing a good job little buddy. " 

Rare is how I would explain to someone about our boys playing together. 

It is rare but these rare moments hold a special place in my heart. 

These 2 boys are both on the autism spectrum but that has never stopped either of them taking the lead.

The lead to help the other one out when navigating this life can be challenging on the bestest of days. 

They always have each other. 

A beautiful bond between brothers. 

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Hello Friends, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. My two boys are on the autism spectrum. Our family lives in Canada & one day I hope to travel to Africa. I am a lover of coffee & I enjoy spreading kindness to as many people as I cross paths with. I dabble in blogging but my calling in life is advocating for those who have no voice & need their story to be told.

I recently started homeschooling my 3 children which has been such a learning curve for myself.

I am working on being more self aware and making sure to self care as I live a busy life. Taking a break is important so you can always be your best self for your kids.

Can't wait to connect & I am so glad you are all ready to hear from me.

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