The "True" Grit of Motherhood

The True Grit of Motherhood
November 23, 2018

What is Grit?

Grit /grit/: Noun

Courage and Resolve or Strength of Character.

"Passion and Perseverance for long term goals, stamina, sticking with your future day in day out. Living life like its a marathon not a sprint." -Angela Lee Duckworth A Ted Talk on Grit

Lets bring this full circle to motherhood. You see the idea of Grit in the workforce was something I had down. Most of us have experienced a true perseverance in our long term career goals and it built our character. It gave us the courage to pursue climbing our work ladders, stepping out on our own, and we can all probably attest to sticking with it day in and day out for the sake of chasing dreams.

Enter the Season of Motherhood. Where our dreams from childhood have finally come true, we birth beautiful babies. We are miracle working mothers, our children our perfectly behaved, dressed, and dinner is always on the table in a spotless house by 6 pm. We float around beautifully dressed, with our hair done, make-up polished, and we carry every bit of our pre-baby interests with us.

At least that's how it was suppose to go before we got those double pink lines on our positive pregnancy test, and who am I kidding it's the digital age most of us read those digital letters PREGNANT. This is when our true test of character began. We were now making choices for the betterment of our family instead of a personal agenda. Our long term goals suddenly looked a little different, for some of us that meant pursuing our careers and motherhood, and for others it meant making the choice to step away from our careers and become stay at home mothers. Whatever choice was made there is no denying the amount of grit that would begin to reveal itself.

Navigating a Work/Home life balance while the mom guilt surmounts.

Choosing to breastfeed, pump, bottle-feed however our baby needed to be fed. We sacrificed to do so.

Trusting our precious tiny humans in the caring hands of others as we took time for work or sanity.

Putting the needs of our precious babes above our own self-care and sleep so our hearts were at ease.

Smiling, and whole-heartedly loving through being covered in bodily fluids of all types from our minis.

Juggling Newborns, with Toddler tantrums and power struggles. Maybe its teenage battles.

Wanting nothing more then to be free of touch and sound at the end of a long day and choosing to snuggle and comfort your child instead, continue house work or pick up where you left off at work.

Carrying on relationships with friends, loved ones, even our own husbands when we feel the darkness of motherhood creep in and socializing isn't even on our radar.

Lets not forget the strength of mothers with high risk pregnancies, pre-mature babies, spending time with their children in hospitals, or working through special needs.

You get the idea. The list could go on and on. In every stage of this season. Motherhood will always be the true test of character. Where we trade solitude and personal goals for sticky fingers and gummy chuckles. How we hold it all together and persevere for the means of raising kind human beings that will make this world brighter someday. The dedication we decide to make the day we look down at these tiny souls, that we seemingly always felt in our hearts, to love, nurture, and guide them into their future. A future that now exists broader, and with more meaning then the one we had before. Suddenly the vision doesn't stop at sitting in corporate offices or a life of entrepreneurship, but sitting as mothers, and grandmothers with successful children and bouncy grandchildren.

This is the Marathon of Motherhood and raising children. We choreograph our families, we skillfully read up on how to birth, nurse, feed, raise, and navigate behaviors. The leg of the marathon seeming to test us harder than the last. Our children are showing us what we are capable of, they are bringing out our true colors, and molding us into the mothers they need us to be. We fight our own senses of fear and failure to become the best mothers, and women we can possibly be. Showing a true strength of character that shines in all aspects of our lives. We are becoming the Women we were always meant to find. That my dear, takes true Grit. .

And you are one Gritty Mother, don't you forget it!

Photo Credit: Megan Simpson Photography

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I am a toddler mom, married to my high school sweetheart. A stylist, salon business coach and manager turned stay at home mom after the birth of my identical twin boys who joined our family 2 weeks after my first born turned 2! I fell in love with coaching women to reach their full potential in business and beauty. After entering into motherhood I fell in love with the true capacity for which women have as mothers, and leaders in their new titles as "moms". I want every mother to feel their worth, through the grit, the joy and everything in between.

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