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Tips on Keeping a New Born Healthy During the Holidays

Tips on Keeping a New Born Healthy During the Holidays
November 26, 2018

I had my second baby in October and something I never stressed about much with my first was ALL OF THE GERMS. My first was born in May and did not have an older sibling heading into the cesspool that is parents day out. On top of that we have cold/flu/rsv season AND all of the holidays.  

All of these things combined set my mama bear heart into overdrive and I set out to figure out ways to help keep my little baby sickness free! Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned since having her! I know nothing is 100% foolproof but I think taking good steps helps ease mama’s minds without keeping our guards down. 

  1. 1. WASH HANDS: This is so important and so easy to forget. You can also keep hand sanitizer close by if needed but remember a GOOD hand wash (that means wash hands for about 20 seconds) always trumps hand sanitizer.

  2. 2. THE GERM BLANKET: This is something my pediatrician told me. Have a designated blanket for when baby is being passed around. Once the baby makes it to you to eat or be changed, put that “germ” blanket into the hamper and get a fresh one out. This keeps lots of the germs on the blanket and not on the baby! 

  3. 3. If you are traveling on airplanes make sure to wipe seats/armrests/tray tables. They are super germ infested. Also, sanitize after touching the bins that go through security. These items are hardly ever clean but are touched by a TON of people! 

  4. 4. Keep the baby covered in the car seat when you are out in about. It keeps the nosey Nancy’s away from the baby because they can't see them! 

  5. 5. Do your thing: Vaccinate, use essential oils, breastfeed. Whatever works best for your family and for your peace of mind. 

What do you do to help keep your family healthy?

XOXO, Lauren @ Gabbing Ginger

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