We’re Spending Baby’s First Christmas At Home - Alone.

We’re Spending Baby’s First Christmas At Home - Alone.
December 06, 2018

This time of year always makes my husband kind of grumpy. Between all the traveling, running around like crazy, last-minute plans and trying to please everyone, it leaves him feeling worn down. While I love the holidays, I completely see his side and understand his need to relax and do less. 

Since we’ve added a new baby to the mix, traveling is now way harder, as I’m sure any new parent will tell you. Between all the gear you have to pack, trying to time the trip correctly with napping and feeding schedules, and the general lack of sleep on our part, the 5 hour drive to my parents becomes a whole new beast. 

So this year, we’re staying home for Christmas and celebrating alone as a family of 3. 

It might sound selfish of us, but if there is any time to be selfish, it’s when you’re a new parent trying to survive. Just the thought of trying to pack up all of the baby stuff, buy and pack gifts, deal with boarding the dogs, and make the long drive yet again is utterly exhausting. So we’re not doing it. 

Will I miss my family? Of course. Will I be sad that baby’s grandparents won’t be here for her first Christmas? Yes. (Although they did spend Thanksgiving with her and will be watching her over a weekend in December, so they’re getting plenty of baby time.) 

But being able to be fully present to experience our daughter’s first Christmas is important to us, and spending it at home where we can relax and fully soak it all in is the best way we can think to do so. We are trying to get rid of all the rushing and stressing and people pleasing in favor of a slower, more thoughtful Christmas this year. One where we can take time to create family traditions and remember what the season is about, not one where everything feels like a chore to be crossed off our to-do list.  

Hopefully this way it will be a magical time of year for all three of us that we all look forward to for years to come.

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Kaleigh is a registered dietitian focusing on the non-diet approach. She is a food blogger at Lively Table, where she shares simple, delicious, real-food recipes and wellness tips to help young women feel confident inside the kitchen and out. Kaleigh believes everyone should have the power to define health in their own terms, rather than being defined by a number on a scale. She is a new mother, wife and bird dog mom living in Lubbock, Texas with her husband. She enjoys yoga and a good cup of coffee.

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