What Spring Time Means for a Preemie Mom

What Spring Time Means for a Preemie Mom

Spring has always been a favorite season of mine. The warmer weather, trees turning green, and flowers starting to bloom.

I have grown to appreciate spring time even more, now that I am a preemie mom.

Because I’m a preemie mom, I have spent the past several months (all of Winter) inside with my preemie keeping myself and her isolated. Why? To keep her from getting sick.

Since leaving the NICU after almost 6 months, the last thing I wanted to do was have another visit to the hospital due to RSV.

Before getting discharged from the NICU, I was warned how easily my daughter could catch an illness and that she wouldn’t recover as quickly as a full-term baby would. Her lungs were still severely underdeveloped, and we needed to take all precautions to keep her from getting sick.

Which meant I kept her from anyone who was sick and public places. We had to turn down several invitations, say no to visitors, and limit our trips. It wasn’t a difficult decision as I knew it was what was best for my preemie daughter.

I made the best of our circumstances and made our days full of learning and fun.

Leaving the NICU is exciting but being at home with a preemie can feel lonely and isolating, especially during the winter months when you are trying to prevent your baby from getting sick.

This is my first springtime with my preemie, as last spring she was still in the NICU working on growing in order to come home.

I’m going to appreciate and love our first spring together.

Our winter months spent isolated were worth it to keep my preemie daughter healthy, but springtime for a preemie mom means germs are less risky and you can now focus on creating new adventures, visiting new places, and meeting new friends.

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I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart and life with him is always an adventure. I’m a mom to my 25-week surviving twin daughter and two angels. Being a mom especially to a preemie is a challenging, emotional but rewarding experience. Through my blog The Preemie Mom I share my journey through miscarriage, the NICU, loss, life with a preemie and all obstacles that motherhood brings a new mom.

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