Why Daddy is the Superhero Without a Cape!

Why Daddy is the Superhero Without a Cape!

I am not writing this article from the perspective of a child. But from the perspective of a wife, who wants to see her husband be the future superhero for her child. 

Like every other child, I want my daughter to love, value, and respect her father, not only for providing for her every need and want but for reasons beyond this. I want my daughter to know that her father has been as compassionate and caring as I was, right from the time we learned we were expecting. To be more precise, I want her to know that he equally went through the overwhelming journey of those sleepless nights when she was wide awake until dawn. He also never left my side at doctors appointments, even when she was just in my womb. In other words, our safety has always been his foremost priority.

I would like to see her flabbergasted to know how he prepared extra sugary shakes and juices for me when she was quiet in my tummy, forgetting to show us her movement. And how he helped me during my postpartum pains. Through all of this, he still had to ensure he arrived at the office on time, as he was the only earning hand making our ends meet.

I will purposely reiterate it to my daughter that her father turned into a photographer and a blogger just to capture her beautiful childhood memories for her. And that he cut cakes every month of her first year, and he assured the best of clothes and skin care products for her. He devoted himself to her care and, together, we never compromised on giving her the best we could.

After narrating this story to her, I would leave it up to her to decide who a father is to his daughter. I hope she would recreate the definition of "father" to "superhero" and understand our superhero better!

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A fun loving mama with the most amazing baby and loving family. I am a Human Resource professional and love to cook, paint and write.

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This is beautiful, Ritika! πŸ’—

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