Why We Tried for Baby Number Two When Our First-Born was Only 1 ½

Why We Tried for Baby Number Two When Our First-Born was Only 1 ½

Levi was born in April of last year, 18 months after we had our first-born, Mason. 

Many people are shocked once they hear how close our kids are in age. 

We have quickly learned that the idea of having kids close in age does not sit well with others.

If you are planning to, be prepared to be called one of two things: crazy or smart. 

If you are experiencing it now as a second-time mom, let me be the first to say congratulations. Welcome to the club.

It’s funny because I actually googled ”how long to wait before having another baby” and the suggested duration of time was 18 months! Maybe we’re more smart than we are crazy because we hit that target! 

But really, it was a health-based recommendation for mom’s body to recover.

Let’s be real though...

This was NOT the reason for our timing. 

For our family, it came down to a matter of two things.

My Personal Health: Let's start with the fact that recovering from my first pregnancy wasn't even a conversation. It's all about the cons I experienced from being pregnant. Honestly, I am one of those moms that despised it! I hated the exhaustion, nausea, heart burn, and back pain (there's more) that came with it. I knew I wanted Mason to have a sibling and because of the hell my body went through the first time... It became a matter of now or never. Quite frankly, I wanted to get it over with.

Our Parental Timeline: Crazy to think, but we will be 37 years old by the time both of our kids graduate from high school. We wanted our kids to be set on pursuing their future goals and embracing independence at an age that also made sense for us!

Having our kids close in age kept us on our ideal timeline (we had our first kid when I was 20 so kept it rolling)!

And for these reasons, trying to have baby number two when our first-born was 1 ½ made the most sense. 

You can call me crazy, you can call me smart. I find myself to be a little of both!

I'm interested to know how long you waited or how long you plan to wait to try for your second child and why!

May God grant you peace, strength, and wisdom through your journey of motherhood.

Ana Golobic

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My name’s Ana. I’m a military wife and boy mom of two! I love to share creative moments with my kids that involve paint and lots of detergent… Story-time! Kids love story-time, adults can too! Family fun travels that you’re welcome to come and join us on. And tips and tricks on parenthood learned first-hand, through research, or even from my own mama. I’m obsessed with my family! Can you tell?

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