Yes I Still Want to be Your Bridesmaid!

Yes I Still Want to be Your Bridesmaid!

I have many close female friends in adulthood. Motherhood has finally showed me a way to form deep, meaningful bonds with other women. But as a teen I wasn’t great at making long lasting female friendships.  Which resulted in most of my friends already being married when we became close. I never had that summer in my mid 20s when ALL my friends asked me to be a bridesmaid-those just weren’t the type of friendships I was making at the time. I do have friends/family who haven’t gotten hitched yet, and to them I say: of course I still want to be your bridesmaid!

Yes, I’m a mom.  Yes, I’m not the youngest, most fresh faced lady.  But that doesn’t make me love you any less.  Of course I want to be there to support you on one of the most important days of your life.  It doesn’t matter to me if that day comes when I’m 23 or 50!  I am fully capable of still being fun and celebrating you-even if you want to call me a Matron of Honor now.  In fact, I think because I’m a wife and mom I can be an even better bridesmaid for you-and here’s why:

-I’m not burnt out on bachelorette parties, and bridal brunches. In fact, an opportunity to get all dressed up and socialize with adults for a change sounds amazing.  

-my mom skills will come in handy at your bachelorette.  Barf, crying, and incoherent babbling is something I deal with almost daily with my toddler.

-I know what it means to be prepared for anything.  Have you ever looked in a moms purse or diaper bag?  We are usually fully equipped for a zombie apocalypse. You can trust I’ll have that Tylenol when you get a headache, or the sewing kit when your dress splits.

-I won’t lose my cool easily.  Weddings are high stress and most involved feel anxious on the day, so little hiccups can result in massive meltdowns. You can count on a mom to find a solution rather than revel in the drama of it.

-I’m glad it’s all about you. My life is spent being jumped on, tugged on, kissed, hugged, hit, anything you can think of from my toddler.  He is rarely not touching me if nearby and I would love to be the person no one really cares about for an hour or so.

These are just a few reasons your mom friend would make the perfect bridesmaid.  And take it from me-just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be there for her best friends!

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