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How to Quit Yelling at Your Kids

Yelling at your kid is a natural reaction, especially under stress. Learning how to stop yelling at ...


Having a Healthy Marriage With Kids (+ Why We Don’t Exchange Valentine’s Gifts)

It’s love month! And while I am frequently found strolling the dollar aisles at Target getting fes...


Helping Your Kids Get to Sleep Earlier – the Easy Way

Since sleep impacts so much of our quality of life from immune function to mental health, I am a hug...


5 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Busy Mom

"This is the rule of motherhood- Its all in passing. The hard days. The laughter filled days. Everyt...


How Mommy Got Her “Groove” Back

“How do you do it? That’s one question I get asked a lot when people find out I have three child...


Selfishness Masquerading as Selflessness

“Your number one job as a mother is to make your child need you a little bit less every single day...


How to Survive Flying with Kids

Nothing compares to the anxiety that kicks in when you think about flying with little kids. Once the...


Changing Your Mindset - Spread Positivity

In today’s society, we are so often in a competition with each other. Who had a rougher day? Who g...


Just Playing?

“Why do you let them play with all these toys? I would just hide them all and leave them with one,...


Feeling Pretty Postpartum

Goodbye pregnancy glow, hello more wild hormones. Feeling pretty postpartum was and still is difficu...


Does My Child Still Love Me?

I have always heard of a child needing love and attention from their mother and father but in realit...

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