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Ten Books That Will Improve Your Life

With so much life to cram into so little time, it can be easy to neglect our personal development--w...


E-Books vs. Print Books

Growing up I was a bookworm. I loved the library and loved walking into a bookshop even more. I...


Top 10 Summer Reads For Moms

I’m a book junkie, and since I’m a parent, reading lots of books is the activity I miss the most...


Top Summertime Reads

Summertime means vacations, sunshine and (hopefully) more time to settle down outside on a beautiful...


The 4 Best Parenting Books For Baby's First Year

I'll be honest, I'm not actually a huge fan of parenting books in general. I think more often than n...


What I am reading.

I am all about reading! I love being a part of a book club but it is also one of my favorite ways to...

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