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When parenting worlds collide

I’ve been thinking about writing this blogpost for over a year now, but never seem to get myself t...


Will you play with me? The importance of play in learning.

When I was four years old my parents enrolled me into the same preschool my two older siblings atten...


Give the Gift of Experience: Ultimate Kids Gift Guide

Life is all about making memories, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re anything like me, you have so m...


How to Create Fun & Normal Moments for Child Actors & Models

Working at a young age has its perks. Most child actors and models are grateful that they can be in ...


The "WOW" Factor of Baby #4

Did I ever dream I would be a mother to 3 soon to be 4 children? The truth is no. I am the youngest ...


Removing Color To Add Happiness!

I started out my journey of motherhood like most first time moms. I only ate the healthiest of thing...


A Trip to the Grandparents

As I’ve been writing about on my Instagram account, my husband and I just took our first trip away...


Your Job Is Big Momma, But You Feel Small

     I’m going to dive right into it. Lately I’ve been feeling small. The world i...


Must have items for baby #2

It is so crazy how things change in just a few years. Technology and new gadgets for baby are ever e...


When the Teacher Becomes the Student! Life Lessons From a Three Year Old

     Most days I work tirelessly to teach my daughter's skills; life, school, social ...


What you need to know before your child starts Preschool/Kindergarten

      The summer and sun is upon us but before we know it, it will be September. This...


6 Tips to Help with a Picky Eater

From about age three through four and a half, my son was a terrible eater! He would only ever stick ...


Just Playing?

“Why do you let them play with all these toys? I would just hide them all and leave them with one,...


Being a Doctor and a Mom

As a brand new mother with an MD after her name, you would think I would know everything about pregn...

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