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How to Stop the Momparison

Momparison: the constant comparison of yourself as a mother to your friends or family members that a...


Ten Books That Will Improve Your Life

With so much life to cram into so little time, it can be easy to neglect our personal development--w...


Be Like No One Else

I have a very strong-willed, independent six-year-old daughter.Without her knowing, she reminds me t...


Finding Yourself Again After Becoming a Mom

I know you feel like you have lost yourself, mama. I know you feel like you don't get to enjoy what ...


Why You Should Stop Dieting for Good!

Let’s face it, the expectations for moms are impossible to live up to. Whether the expectatio...


Self-care Isn't Selfish!

For a lot of Mothers, myself included, self-care seems like the least important thing to be doing. T...


How to Love Your Postpartum Body

In my life I’ve been many things: thin, fat, fit, but my favourite by a country mile is being a mu...


The Journey to Loving Your Postpartum Body Is Not Always Easy

Let's be real... on a daily basis how many people look at themselves in the mirror and don't like wh...


The Art of Embracing The New Year

We all tend to think of the coming of a new year as a way to trigger the beginning of a new life, of...


Are You a Mother or a Martyr?

Motherhood has always involved a bit of sacrifice. Okay.. A LOT of sacrifice. Since I became a mom, ...


Falling In Love With Your Postpartum Body

The metamorphosis your body goes through to make you a mother is remarkable. Even though most days y...


Sprinkle of Courage and Dash of Positivity

rn"I am perfectly content being a stay at home mom and teaching Mommy+Me Fitness three days a w...


Endorphins make you happy!

“Endorphins make you happy!”The key to my sanity postpartum has been daily walks. It's a chance ...

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