Urvi D Follow 3 Years

Any tips on starting solids. Has anyone tried baby led weaning? What are the challenges ? I am trying to gather information. My baby is 4 months now. Thanks in advance

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Drew T Follow 3 Years

Hi mama! 

I did baby lead weaning with my son, who now at almost 1 is an amazing eater! 

Once he turned 6 months old I offered anything I ate (anything you can eat without teeth that is ?). He was also eating baby food at that time. 

My son took to it right away! Some babies take longer because they don’t eeally enjoy the texture. 

If this happens just keep offering and baby will eat when ready! 

Once my son got teeth I offering him anything and everything! Many moms are worried about choking but many blw’ers say 

“Loud and red, let them go ahead. Silent and blue, they needed help from you” 

Hope this info helps! 





Thank you! When u say anything that one can have without teeth u mean pureed food?

Felicia J Follow 3 Years

If you breastfeed I suggest mixing it with breast milk; for example one of the first things I gave my son was banana but I mashed it up and mixed it with my breast milk. Then slowly introduce other fruits and veggies. Hope this gives you an idea. Good luck mamma. 


Awesome ! ☺️

Thank you! He is fed pumped milk.

Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

Hey there, I loved baby led weaning as it is also the easiest method of feeding and is more likely to produce less fussy eaters.  Your best bet is to give them soft food that they can pick up with their own hands.  I started mine on avocado and banana because they are reasonably unflavoured and fun and squidgy to hold, then move on to things like, boiled broccoli, carrots or anything you can cut into sticks and boil so that they're soft.  After that, whatever had for dinner was either cut into tiny very soft pieces for them to pick up and eat or blended if it was a particularly hard thing that may make them choke. hope this helps !

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