Kirsty H Follow 3 Years

Does anyone have any advice for supporting twins with finding better ways to solve issues than fight?

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Drew T Follow 3 Years

Hey mama! 

I don’t have experience with twins specifically but I did use to be a toddler daycare Teacher! For those who it seems extra hard to stop conflict and fighting I would recommend two activities. If you can deal with cleaning up the aftermath I would recommend giving each their own messy activity away from each other, but where you can still supervise. This will give them a break to recharge before they come back together! 

Hope this helps a little! 




Raihna K Follow 3 Years

How old are your twinnies? Mine are only 1.5 and they have a big brother who is 3. So they all fight, I'm still working on that answer haha. But one thing that has worked if it's about a toy/ object they turned into a toy is teaching them to trade another toy so one isn't left empty handed. Even without being very verbal they got the hang of this. And with my 3 year old using his words to explain I'm not done with this, but agreeing to give it up when he is usually he gives it a few minutes and then hands it over. There is a Daniel Tiger episode on "finding away to play together," that's pretty great for pre-school age. 

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