Mary W Follow 2 Years

Has anyone had success with early potty training?

3 Answers

Chrissie T Follow 2 Years

Hey there,
I Tried to potty train my first child early (year and a half old) and found that although she would use it sometimes we also had an increased amount of accidents and it just stressed everyone out.  With my second daughter we just waited until she showed the signs to be fully ready (just under 3 years old) and it was so much easier for everyone.  It can be hard trying to do it early because if they're not totally ready it could take you longer in the long run. x

Bethany W Follow 2 Years

My son is now 3 and we have tried numerous times and he has just not been ready. I will try again once he is 3 1/2. I have always heard to not push it and they will be ready when they are ready. Just hang in there and keep trying to introduce it, but never force it 

Jennifer R Follow 2 Years

I think with my first I was in a rush to hit mile stones. It didn't work for me to push. She just wasn't ready. The minute she was ready she picked it up quickly, no day time or night time accidents. I dont think it was worth the stress or pressure on her or me to try for early potty training. I don't want her to feel like a failure for something she can't even control. 

My 2nd child was a cinch because I waited until she was ready and started showing interest. I'd let her sit on the toilet when she asked or before baths and she caught on quickly because she was ready. It was a very positive stress free experience.

Good luck!

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