Guadalupe P Follow 13 Days

Hi girls im a new mom to be 28 weeks and thinking about childbirth, opinions about what kind of delivery is less painful? Caesarean or natural birth? Im totally freaking out!!!????

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Umme F Follow 13 Days

Dear both are pain full but in natural delivery you will only have pain at the time of given birth but in c section you will get pain after operation. 


True that nI was Ceasarian and my baby is now 8mnth old ni still feel pain whenever my abdomen is being pressed on the kitchen counter while im washing dishes in our sink

Areka T Follow 13 Days

Definitely would go with natural birth, less complications and you get better faster. 

Bethany W Follow 13 Days

Honestly it’s good to have a plan, a plan b, c, etc. Hahhaa. It all depends on what you’re most comfortable with. If you plan on getting an epidural, vaginal birth is not that painful. You get medicated for a c section and I heard it’s not painful, but very painful recovering. I’ve heard natural is extremely painful, but once the baby is here, you kind of forget about it all :) 

Alexis S Follow 1 Day

Vaginal birth has a faster healing time then c section. And has a lower risk of complications during delivery! 

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