Becca D Follow 3 Years

I have a 4 month old whose was only waking 1-2 times a night nicely. For the past week has been up every hour or 2 hours...any insight would be appreciated!

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3 Answers

Drew T Follow 3 Years

Hey mama!

Babies go through 4 month sleep regression, so this is probably where your problem is stemming from. 

There's honestly not much you can do to help. 

Some babies work their way out of it, or if they're like my son it can have some long term affects.

Try to stay sane!





Thank you for you’re insight!

Lise G Follow 3 Years

Do you see any teeth coming in or forming.most likely hes teething.the tend to wake up more

Felicia J Follow 3 Years

She’s probably just going through a growth spurt or possibly teething, mine do the same thing. Right now my 8m old usually sleeps through the whole night but she’s teething so gets up every 2hrs or so. Hope this helps. 

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