Mari S Follow 2 Years

I am 21 weeks pregnant and having pain over and around my belly button.. is it normal?

3 Answers

Muzamil M Follow 2 Years

Yup it is totally normal but if it continues to be aggressive then consult to ur gynecologist 


Def a common thing, but make sure to let your dr know so you can keep an eye on it! Best of luck and congrats

Chelse M Follow 2 Years

Yes dear that is normall .......congratulations on your pregnancy 

Kyra E Follow 2 Years

Hi there. Yes it can be normal, but trust your gut. You might not think you have the mommy sense now but you do! Trust it. I had my little at 25 weeks. I trusted my gut and she here and thriving. This is not meant to scare you. You to let you know to trust your gut. 


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