Jasmine S Follow 2 Years

Is anybody know a place where company giving way baby stuff

Hi this is my first pregnancy and I’m struggling of giving baby stuff how can I get these kinds of things and I don’t have no type of help from the father ??

4 Answers

Bethany W Follow 2 Years

It depends where you are located...may ask your Dr.  Local furniture places sometimes give away cribs or you can get little baby bed boxes. 

Chrissie T Follow 2 Years

I like to have hope that humanity is actually getting better as I have seen other women in your situation write a post similar to this on facebook local selling pages -  Help please - I'm pregnant and moving into a place on my own with no help from the father, does anyone have any household or baby items they no longer need that they could give me? - And you'll be pleased to know that these women usually get quite a few offers of help.  I hope this helps you - good luck x

Jennifer R Follow 2 Years

Some of the best resources I have used are joining a church group and getting connections there. Joining neighborhood facebook groups and watching on online garage sales works great for low cost items. If you were close I know of several peoole giving baby stuff away. Good luck, hang in there. 

Anika P Follow 2 Years

Hi, you can check on facebook. Sometimes people want to just get rid of stuff. Or they are selling for cheap...hope this hels


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