Nicole R Follow 2 Years

My 9 day old is wanting to eat every 30 min-1 hr. He will sleep 2-3 hours occasionally but generally only seems to sleep for short periods especially if I am not holding him. How do I stretch out feedings?

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Dani S Follow 2 Years

Hi Nicole

Great question. I found a few articles here on Momsbeyond that might help.


and this one:


Hope this helps! ;-)



Can I just ask that sleep training isn't recommended for a 9 day old baby. It's not good for any age but a 9 day old baby it is dangerous.

Helen M Follow 2 Years

Hi, I know it's hard work, but this is pretty normal for a 9 day old! He's building up your milk supply and the first few weeks just feel like constant feeding, but then he'll settle a bit more and you'll be able to stretch the feeds a bit longer :) 

Emily C Follow 1 Year

Hey, I know it's super hard work but this is completely normal and developmentally they are doing everything they're supposed to. Babies wake to protect themselves from SIDS so take it as a good thing. They also feed regularly because they are growing and also may be cluster feeding. It's truly exhausting but it's what they need to do to grow perfectly. Get yourself some snacks and a drink and find your favourite TV programme or book and honestly sleep when they do. Please do not sleep train your baby it is not biologically normal and at 9 days old is actually dangerous. Sleep training has been scientifically proven to cause long term mental health issues. They sleep eventually but even as adults we still wake during the night. Also, definitely search up the fourth trimester its super helpful! Wishing you the best mama!! 

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