Bani R Follow 16 Days

My baby boy is two months nd six days old. Two months he took breastfeed but now he dislikes. What should I do? Nd wt should I do to increase the breast milk?

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Jessica B Follow 15 Days

Hi! I was blessed with being able to breastfeed until my son was almost 2 years old. He was VERY sensitive to what I ate. Sometimes I forgot that what I ate changed the consistency and taste of my breastmilk. Especially if it was particularly spicy. It might not will taste like a jalapeño to him, lol, but what you eat changes your milk. 

I found amazing help at an all natural supplement store and they had pull forms of the common milk supply teas to take. I could never stand the taste of the teas. I’m not sure what you have available, but amazon sells a lot of amazing products as long as you check them out well first. 

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