Lauren S Follow 2 Years

Any advice on #2 in the potty? Should we wake him up to go?

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Our 2.5 year old is doing great with potty training but he isn't pooping in the potty yet.  He tends to go first thing in the morning or when he wakes up from his nap. When he doesn't go after nap he always wakes up dry so I would love to drop that pull up if possible...

3 Answers

Jackie P Follow 2 Years

I personally would just keep making him go before bed and right when he wakes up. We always put my daughter in pull ups at night for the first couple months at least.

Stephanie L Follow 2 Years

We went cold turkey with our son after about a month on pull ups overnight. He did surprisingly great. He had one poop accident in his underwear and hated it, and it never happened after that. So maybe just go for it and see how he does.

Drew T Follow 2 Years
Hey mama! 

Boys have a harder time potty training! For some reason they have attachment to their bowl movements and it can be really difficult for them. I love Stephanie’s suggestion! Most of the time when you ditch the pull up they may have a a couple accidents but they won’t like the way the mess feels. So I would say ditch the pull up and see what happens. 

Good luck! 




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