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Naz P Follow 1 Day
Bethany W Follow 1 Day

The doctor told you you had a miscarriage? You would definitely know if you had one. I know some people don't know, but I have had one and I knew right away what had happened ...

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Rikka Jane F Follow 6 Days
Jehan A Follow 5 Days

My baby had that before too. Though it's not alarming if the baby is not havig fever or discomfort but better yet check with your Pedia to be sure. Sometimes babies have very ...

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Becca D Follow 1 Month
Drew T Follow 1 Month

Hey mama!Babies go through 4 month sleep regression, so this is probably where your problem is stemming from. There's honestly not much you can do to help. Some babi...

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Liezl H Follow 1 Month
Aaliyah J Follow 1 Month

Wait til they are fully sleep, then place baby in crib.. It should work, I had to do my daughter like that.

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Gabriella J Follow 1 Month

16 month old says no words?

Asked in Baby

My baby doesn't say any words, looking online it seems like she should be copying words at this point but she doesnt - she does babble 'mama, dadda' & random noises... she understands words like no, 'let's go out' she'll run to the door... should I be concerned or is 16 month...

Dani S Follow 1 Month

My son is 17 months and he can say: MumDadDaw (dog), NaNNoYeah yeah yeahDeeee (duggee) CarBoo (book), Bow (boat), All gone, Oh no. He mostly babbles, says gah gah gah and eeee...

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