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Mer E Follow 7 Months
Italia C Follow 7 Months

It's an amazing journey you learn a lot about yourself and how to care and nurture your little one. Morning sickness sucks the stretching pains even worse but when you hear th...

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Lorraine I Follow 7 Months
Micc T Follow 7 Months

I used to be just like u..Now i have my baby with me and i regret  myself: i should have enjoyed more my pregnancy times instead of worrying about my child birth.  S...

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Katherine Jodi B Follow 9 Months
Dani S Follow 9 Months

Hey Katherine! I found this answer on WebMD: "You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your firs...

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Kelsey N Follow 11 Months
Jenny C Follow 11 Months

I didn’t experience this, but do not worry it’s not that serious. You can keep on drinking water to avoid dehydration and go to your OB if you do not feel better. I hope y...

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Gabriella J Follow 11 Months

Extreme heartburn from pregnancy?

I'm having such a hard time dealing with heartburn during my pregnancy. It just won't go away!! Have any of you dealt with this? Any solutions that worked for you??

Bethany W Follow 11 Months

OMG that is sooooooo normal. I would almost say that if you don't get heartburn during your pregnancy, then something is wrong! hahahahah just take some antacids and definitel...

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Jasmine S Follow 1 Year

Is anybody know a place where company giving way baby stuff

Hi this is my first pregnancy and I’m struggling of giving baby stuff how can I get these kinds of things and I don’t have no type of help from the father ??

Bethany W Follow 1 Year

It depends where you are located...may ask your Dr.  Local furniture places sometimes give away cribs or you can get little baby bed boxes. 

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Jehan A Follow 1 Year
Chrissie T Follow 1 Year

I used to take multivitamins and was mildly addicted to very weak heartburn pills as my heartburn was hugeee!!!

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Mari S Follow 1 Year
Muzamil M Follow 1 Year

Yup it is totally normal but if it continues to be aggressive then consult to ur gynecologist 

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Zahra A Follow 1 Year
Esther M Follow 1 Year

Hi, am 8 too but only have little back pain 

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Rama R Follow 1 Year
Sharon N Follow 1 Year

It's completely normal. Two weeks before or after your due date is normal. Should it exceed  then you should see a doctor.

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Tuba N Follow 1 Year
Umme F Follow 1 Year

Hi yes it's normal baby some time shows very active movement and some time very slow so it's completely normal.. no i don't think so it effect baby movement 

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Myshaa W Follow 1 Year
Chrissie T Follow 1 Year

Some people can be nauseous for their entire pregnancy.  Just like Kate Middleton ! What I used to do was eat little amounts and often.  Ginger biscuits can help alo...

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Lindsey L Follow 1 Year
Cassideigh W Follow 1 Year

I had it when I was pregnant, mine moved and everything went great! They usually move before you're ready to deliver 

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Aaliyah J Follow 1 Year
Drew T Follow 1 Year

Hi mama! I remember around this time and it was really hard for me to tell if the pains were serious or not 😣You have to remember that being 9 months pregnant a lot of...

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Dani S Follow 1 Year
Gabriella J Follow 1 Year

I recommend looking at lucieslist - they have a great list to get you started and then articles on each section Incase you want to dive deeper. Amazon has the best perks of al...

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