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Hi lovleys, so glad I have found this community of mamas. My name is Sharnnah I am a blogger on Instagram under the name "Thepeacefulhomemaker". I have two boys, Leon who is 2.5 and Obie who is 12 weeks old. My life is super crazy at the moment, learning to juggle with little souls. I am 23 years old from Melbourne, Australia. Attachment parenting is my style a long with a natural life style. We are super down to earth and love to have adventures. X

Sharnah B

6 Months
Hello! I am a mother of one special boy. I enjoy reading about parenting and other moms experinces. It the best thing, since children dont come with instruction manuals. :) Maitaining positivity, chocolate and a lilttle bit of good music or xomedy can always get me trhough a difficult days! :)

Mariam C

7 Months
So excited to start parenting 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Akosia F

10 Months
Skipping Thanksgiving this year and taking our boys to Rome for two weeks. Anyone else escaping the holiday for a little adventure? No? Okay, maybe we are just crazy! #thanksgiving #travel #rome #travelingwithkids #adventure #salzburg #austria #italy #europe #prayforsleepontheplane #parenting #travelblogger #travelingfamily

Rachel E

1 Year
Check out this list of TED Talks for parents: https://bit.ly/2wyiTBf #ted #tedtalks #inspiration #help #education #educational #parenting #tips

Dani S

1 Year

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