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Vanessa P

I am a mom of 5 children ranging from 2 months to ...

Kirsty H

A mummy of 4 and a writer who is navigating parenting one ...

Ayssa S

I am a new mama to a sweet baby girl and a ...

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This Hauck “Alpha+” high chair is absolutely amazing. You won’t need any other high chair, except for this one. Starting from age 0-6 months to actually growing with your child. The wood is sturdy enough for myself to sit on, which is nice. I absolutely love the color I chose, but it also comes in three other colors. My son loves to be able to climb up in the chair on his own and he feels like such a big boy. I know he’s safe in the chair because of the sturdy back and it looks really nice in our house. Our house is full of toys and baby items, but this actually looks more fancy than most kid stuff. I will definitely be ordering a second one for my other son and I’m super excited for other moms to try this product! The ONLY downfall to this product is it’s manufacturer is located in the UK, but don’t let that turn you away. The shipping and halndling was on time and customer service was awesome.  Make sure to look at their website http://www.hauckuk.com/at-home/high-chairs-seat-pads/2727/alpha

Bethany W

6 Months
Hey guy this is my first baby and i love her so much. My question is she would normally sleep for 4 to 5 hours whenever she sleep is that normal. NB: she's 3 

Roana S

7 Months
Being a mom is a lot of hard work there's a lot of thing that u use to do u cannot do it any more u have to love and care for your baby

Cindy P

7 Months
Hi my name is Farazana I'm from Guyana a small country in the Caribbean of South America I have a son his name is Tyler and we both enjoy most our our time watching educational video and being created with a lot of things like making stuff toys making him shirt 👕and little vests and he's 18 months and he's strong and healthy not boasting lol I'm a happy mom and I'm not thinking to go again because I don't really like that experience of child birth but I'm so thankful it came out successful for me and my baby all thanks to my living and caring husband whose been there for me all of should I say most of the time guiding me all the way even to this day im so lucky to have these 2 people in my life my own little family

Farazana P

7 Months
My 3 month old son has gotten to an increasing point of crying during or after feeding. He wasn't like this before he went over to a realitive house for one weekend cause some other family came from out of town to see him and they wanted to give me some peace. That was 3 weeks ago. He started crying during feedings after that when we tried to burl so I just stop burping him until after. This past weekend I let him go to the same relative for 3 nights since I had to go out of town. Since he's tback with me he crys like crazy after the bottle is empty. He'll burp aftwards but still cry. After both visits I've found 2 bottle nipples that look like they were cut but the relative says they cracked. I'm starting to question if someone haz been giving him something else when I'm not around even though I've said he was to young for cereal with my son's doctor backing me on this. Not sure what to do now cause I'm facing two issues: a crying baby that I can't sooth for anything after eating and a possible lying family member. 

Madison M

9 Months

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