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Happiness is spending quality time at the beach with your family. 🧡 #family #sunset #love

Jenny C

1 Year
Sending you all the best vibes, rainbows, blessings and beach sunsets!!!
Never forget to keep your dreams in front of you and smile!!!☺

Jennifer C

1 Year
Her swimsuite was too sexy ,had a nice beach day yesterday

Emily B

1 Year
Fact: Sunshine with the hint of cold and breezy wind. But nothing can stop our little burrito, she went swimming still. The parents attempted to swim but went back after feeling the icy cold beach.😂 Here’s to our photo op on a weekend.  #wintersun #middleeastwinter 

Jenny C

1 Year
Poor baby needed tear duct surgery! Luckily it was a quick procedure and he did GREAT! #baby #rides #tractor #beach #baby #jerseyshore #messy #feeding #baby #surgery #baby #hospital

Nicole S

1 Year

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