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Good morning! 
Blessed & Alive💙

Bethany W

1 Year
Mommy and me day at school! I feel so blessed!

Sarah C

1 Year

Woke up at dawn time, long queues, walked 3km from drop-off point to the stadium, sleepy, famished, chilly weather, physically exhausted, carried my little burrito because I didn’t bring the stroller as per instruction. Nevertheless, I thank God for sustaining us the strength to make it to the stadium without any trouble. I am proud of you my little burrito at 20-month old  you went all the way with Mama. 😘

Spiritually recharged after Martina and I saw #PopeFrancis. I got teary-eyed and I don’t know why, his presence was overwhelming and extraordinary. His homily left a remarkable message to everyone. He preached about living by the beatitudes and highlighted 2 out of 8:

1. Learn how to be meek.
2. Be a peacemaker

Grateful for this once in a lifetime experience. My little burrito may not remember this event but she’s definitely blessed. Viva Papa Francis!#PopeFrancisinUAE

Jenny C

1 Year
My mom turned 70 this weekend!!!!! She is truly the greatest woman I know!!!! I am beyond blessed to call her my best friend ❤️ ##mom ##birthday ##bestfriend ##brother

Lindsay M

1 Year
Hope everyone had a blessed holiday. I’ve been working on having more patience with my children and working on self love! Yaaaayyyy  :heart: :blush:

Bethany W

1 Year

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