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Jami M

I'm a mom of 2 boys a teen and a tween,both are ...

Alana H

Mom soon to be from Grenade

Befh H

Mom of three boys from Ontario Canada

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Hello! I haven't been on here for a long time! But I'm not not pregnant and have a 8 month old son who started crawling and standing yesterday!!  He's such a cheeky boy! I go back to work today, starting a new job!! Feeling nervous this morning, I have 3 days of training from today 😬 

Amber W

5 Months
I’m really sorry to have to tell you this. Today we say goodbye to Rocky, Marshall, Skye, Zuma and our dear friend Rubble. They were all buried in a freak toddler sand incident. For all the parents breathing a sigh of relief that we never have to sit through Ryder and his weird boy mastermind den again - I feel you.
Wait... news just in... Darn. It appears Harry had rescued them. Next time we are so burying Bing (UK CBeebies rabbit whose incessant whining makes your ears bleed) 

Karen L

5 Months

This Hauck “Alpha+” high chair is absolutely amazing. You won’t need any other high chair, except for this one. Starting from age 0-6 months to actually growing with your child. The wood is sturdy enough for myself to sit on, which is nice. I absolutely love the color I chose, but it also comes in three other colors. My son loves to be able to climb up in the chair on his own and he feels like such a big boy. I know he’s safe in the chair because of the sturdy back and it looks really nice in our house. Our house is full of toys and baby items, but this actually looks more fancy than most kid stuff. I will definitely be ordering a second one for my other son and I’m super excited for other moms to try this product! The ONLY downfall to this product is it’s manufacturer is located in the UK, but don’t let that turn you away. The shipping and halndling was on time and customer service was awesome.  Make sure to look at their website http://www.hauckuk.com/at-home/high-chairs-seat-pads/2727/alpha

Bethany W

1 Year
It’s been 3 whole months since I have last posted! I decided to take a little break from and boy did it make me see life closer. I enjoyed more time with my family and focused a little more on myself. 
Tonight’s sunset did not disappoint. 

Bethany W

1 Year
Hello! I am a mother of one special boy. I enjoy reading about parenting and other moms experinces. It the best thing, since children dont come with instruction manuals. :) Maitaining positivity, chocolate and a lilttle bit of good music or xomedy can always get me trhough a difficult days! :)

Mariam C

1 Year

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