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I recently shared a pretty transparent guide to planning a destination wedding. If anyone would like to check it out. I know it can be stressful to plan but I hope this can help out <3 http://newlydevary.com/2019/05/22/destination-wedding-guide-riviera-maya/

Analaura D

6 Months
I am a new mom, my son is about 28 days old. I would love to about your infant's routine. How do you get them to sleep at night. Any help would be appreciated.

Jalwa M

11 Months
Currently I have my parents with me helping with baby Maya, unfortunately they are going back home middle of January I am freaking in right now  because they are big part of my routine. :grin: #Parents # help # routine # freaking in

Jocelyn W

11 Months
Check out this list of TED Talks for parents: https://bit.ly/2wyiTBf #ted #tedtalks #inspiration #help #education #educational #parenting #tips

Dani S

1 Year
I found some fun, interesting diy projects here https://bit.ly/2Kgkzsb. This could bring some welcome change to your home decor :) I'm looking for more ideas like these, do you know any online resources that could help (apart from pinterest of course ;)) #home #decor #diy #cactusplants #mommylovesdiys

Gabriella J

1 Year

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