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Poor baby needed tear duct surgery! Luckily it was a quick procedure and he did GREAT! #baby #rides #tractor #beach #baby #jerseyshore #messy #feeding #baby #surgery #baby #hospital

Nicole S

2 Years
Meet my newest addition! I am so happy and blessed to be able to add another little precious boy to our family. I was beyond nervous for his addition, but honestly, he’s been amazing. I wasn’t more worried about returning to the newborn stage, but the toddler stage has been the most difficult. The terrible twos LITERALLY hit the week we came home from the hospital. I am constantly asking myself “why did I stress when I had my first baby?” I have finally accepted that every stage is different and has its difficulties, but as mothers, we are made for these hard times and we are beyond SUPER WOMEN. GO US!!! #baby #newborns #boymom #toddlers #love #hardtimes #Blessed #superwomen #strong

Bethany W

3 Years

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