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Samantha D

Mama//blogger//candle lover//tea addict //vegetarian//yoga lovin' wine enthusiast //

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Deal with those persons saying "youre too young to have a kid " you just ruined your future " youre a failure " your not going to be a good mother.
Yes! Im young I might be a failure but telling me Im not going to be a good mom?, that I cannot accept.
Having a baby without a father is sounds very very hard but it doesnt matter how hard it maybe but mothers dont ever never give up for their child. I never ruined my future, I make it more colorful,cheer and bloomed because i have my son. I am now a mother with care can Do everything,anything and best for her child. No harm can near him as long as Im alive. I swear to protect him from the very start. Dont mock us by your judgement you dont have an idea what we've been through to be a mom.
Dont let anyone destroy you from words. Build yourself up while building your sons. Show the world what you can do. Inspire others by expressing yourself into something good. We moms are best.

Rexylene Marie B

2 Months
Messy bun getting things done... This is dedicated to all the mamas out here - We've Got This! #mommintogether #inspire #quoteoftheday #mominspo

Gabriella J

2 Years
My essay was featured on TODAY Parents! I’m smiling ear to ear! I’d love for you to read it (https://www.ozofsalt.com/marriage-and-kids-helped-me-find-myself/ )and share your thoughts. My story was in response to their challenge question, “Who Are You?” I shared a personal story about how my insecurities shaped who I am. It was scary, but also cathartic. I know it will connect with and inspire many and for that, I’m humbled and grateful! Step outside. Push yourself! It can be frightening but it’s worth it. #inspire #writer #journalist #momblogger #momofteens #todayparents

Jennifer O

2 Years

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