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I am a momma of two, and started my own lifestyle blog to share my stories and struggles for other mom's to relate to. I want others to feel like they are not alone in thier feelings about motherhood, and life in general. I am always looking for others I can relate to to share ideas, and even just to vent! Join me at: lifeofateachermomandwife.com

Brittany H

3 Years
Hey ladies! I'm currently on week 2 of the Whole30 diet and it's going well! I am a carbandsugar-holic who loves wine. I look forward to connecting with other moms who are interested in living a healthy and happy lifestyle! #whole30 #lovefood #inspiration #healthy #fitness #california #beach #travel #liferstyle #blogger

Jennifer O

4 Years
Working on a blog post today about expectations and being disappointed. Can't wait for y'all to see it! #alaska #boating #photography #travel #adventure #lifestyle #coffee #disappointment #mamalife

Allie W

4 Years
#blogpost Through my journey of minimalism and being pregnant it was a natural progression to discovering slowliving and selfcare. Recently meeting this beautiful lady online, I have some tips in there from @simplylivandco as well. ???? Hope you enjoy - I was up at 3am researching of a morning, to put this together for us ???? On the blog: KICK START YOUR LIFESTYLE FOR 2018 WITH THE SLOW LIVING MOVEMENT. Link in bio ???? #Minimalism # slow living # intention #Mininalism #Slow living #Intention #Blog

Katherine W

4 Years
Hey mamas, isn't amazing how easily a smile changes our mood? That smile is definitely worth the toddler tantrums and sleepless nights. xoxo #Mamabear #Motherhood #Momlife #Mom #Happiness #Lifestyle #Toddler #Boymom

Amy B

4 Years

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