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The truth is out! 🤪😂 . 📷: repost @amywithatwist ❤️ . . #motherhoodunplugged #motherhood_unveiled #thetruthaboutmotherhood #bossbaby #mommemes #momcommunity #welcometomotherhood #mommyslife #mommyhood #momlife #mom_hub #honestmotherhood

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MomsBeyond .

3 Months
Did you know this mama? I found this cool parenting hack online. It's going to be such a life saver with kids in the house! (**read little humans throwing tissues around everywhere**) Courtesy - Buzzfeed #parentinghack #parenting101 #lifehack #momlife #toddlermom

Gabriella J

5 Months
Let's throw our negativity, guilt, past, expectations and everything that's not needed, into the bin! As a mom, I have so many expectations from myself, my kids, my partner and my family. I have so much of mom guilt growing within me. I have to let go of all of it to live a peaceful, happier life. Let's drop the baggage we 'do not' need to carry! #momguilt #momlife #honestmotherhood #word

Gabriella J

5 Months
Coconut Exfoliating Soap Bars - These are pure gold! I found this Diy here https://bit.ly/2IMcshj. The coconut helps moisturize the skin while the loofah inside the soap bar helps you exfoliate. That's so cool and they seem pretty easy to make! #mommyhacks #beauty #diy #coconutsoapbars #momlife

Gabriella J

5 Months

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