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Raihna K

Mom, Wife, Creator, Park Tourist, Baby Juggler, Goal Maker, Passion Seeker, Beauty ...

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As moms, we love our children above everything else but it is just as important to remember to love yourself!

Gabriella J

3 Days
Note to self and all the other amazing moms out there: Being a Mom is basically like being a superhero haha! We are so strong and so powerful, let's keep going!

Gabriella J

18 Days
Moms! Question! If you breastfed your baby beyond 1 year, how did you eventually get them off the boob?

I breastfed to 18 months with my first, and she gave it up pretty easy once I told her over the course of a week that it was going to come to an end. (Weirdly easy).

My littlest is nearly 17 months and not only are the teeth killing me, but I know she's formed a comfort habit (we are away from each other all day so I get it)...but I need my sleep, It's too hard at my age! Haha!

So any advice on how to gently wean her without traumatizing her or cutting short her need for comfort and connection being separated from me all day?

Sarah K

1 Month
Hello! I am a mother of one special boy. I enjoy reading about parenting and other moms experinces. It the best thing, since children dont come with instruction manuals. :) Maitaining positivity, chocolate and a lilttle bit of good music or xomedy can always get me trhough a difficult days! :)

Mariam C

1 Month
Its awesome to be a part of a community catering to MOMS!!!😗🥳🥳🥳🥳

Meli T

1 Month

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